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Make your Brand, Products, Events and Promotions unforgettable ...
... through advertising on private vehicles

We are not alone in thinking that this is the perfect business opportunity! People love to make extra money driving their cars as they normally do and getting paid for this and advertisers are enthusiastic of our media solution: we changed static conventional OOH advertising in a dynamic and social media platform with unique features [...]

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Media Kit

Carmedia was launched in 2010 based on the increasing need for a low cost, effective and innovative form of advertising  coupled with the renowned success of vehicle branding as a general advertising media. The company is based in Bucharest and was the first company in Romania to launch advertising on private cars. Over the time [...]

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Other services

Besides advertising on private vehicles, Carmedia is providing other services t0 support your OoH campaigns. According to our clients needs, we can also provide services such as : covering company car fleets, advertising on taxis, events.    

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